Doesn’t Obama and family deserve a little private time???

With just over 3 weeks to assume office, Obama remains silent on this current crisis in Gaza issue, rightfully as he should be. Remember this man has to take over a nation in recession a nation with a trillion dollar debt, a nation where jobs cuts being reported in unheard numbers every month, a nation where people are losing health care. With the question, will this man concentrate more on the domestic crisis or the middle east which undoubtly will be the foreign issue number on by the time he take over the white house, which is, reminder ….. reminder, another 3 weeks away. Why don’t people leave this guy and his family alone, don’t they do deserve this vacation after one of the lengthy and definitely most stressful election campaigns in the history?
Despite Obama repeatedly reminding the media that there is only one US president at a time and he issuing statements can send a mixed signal to the world. He being briefed of the present situation in Gaza or his monitoring the situation does not make him the president. Somehow people expect him to issue some kind of statement contrasts the present white house stand. In the most unashamed intrusion of the Obama’s private vacation time, today a small group of placard-waving pro-Palestinian demonstrators gathered near his vacation retreat in Hawaii on Tuesday to protest against the Israeli air strikes in Gaza.



  1. Uh, don’t run for president if you want private vacations. I guess he didn’t get the memo. He didn’t seem to mind all of the attention while he ran for president.

  2. Sure, I think it would be great if Obama could get a break. But he knows, and we all know, as Pres.-elect, or the first African American Pres.-elect, his every move will be watched. However I think he has an amazing ability to appear cool as can in Hawaii. While Israel and the Palestenians are bombing, he’s having a snow cone.

  3. Mike thanks for the reply. Don’t you think, being the campaigner for president of the US is one zone and president elect is another zone like wise presidency is totally another zone? And could it be that he might have something very different to offer to this present situation and his limitation as the president elect is stopping him from issuing a statement

  4. 4wrdthnkdad, thanks for the replay. I do have question though, if there is a secret negotiations between the white house and Hamas or white house and Israel for a possible cease fire or a possible solution to this present Gaza situation. As we all know the president elect is getting the intelligence feed to every move white house is making and wouldn’t it might be in the larger interest that any thing he says can be constructed as either he is taking sides with Israel or that 2 voices (bush and Obama) are coming out of United States, when the president elect choose to say repeatedly that there is only one US president at a time.

  5. It seems to me , when he says there is only one US president, he is simply trying to appear out of the way, until he actually has the keys to the Whitehouse. I would imagine both Israel and Hamas have sent people to communicate with both Bush and Obama. So in truth they have to operate as though we have two presidents, but if something goes horribly wrong, I’m sure Obama wants to be spared of responsibility for any moves Bush makes.

  6. Point taken. 20 days from now, Mr.Obama would be the official voice of America, and if before which Israel can weaken Hamas considerably then I guess, he will be spared of having to take sides.

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