The Religion Of Peace-For The Cause Of Allah

I hope allah forgives your wicked souls, in this temporary life attain what you wish, lie as much as you like, that is why allah is all mercyful, all forgivinf to his sincere servents, repent and he may forgive, commit to evil and you will receive your just rewards, although Islam will dominate thw world, because the Quran says, there will be suffering but we will always be here, even supporting your econmoy as it seems, ask your government, cough cough, and say what you like because you have hurt the rights of mankind, and rights of allah and you will be questioned, whether you live to 70 or 100 you will die, it is inevitable, so your answers await in your grave!




  1. Allah they & their forefathers have fallen short of Your glory and Your praise. People can you not see that Lord God is All-powerful and He needs no man help to destroy a sinful nation, George W. Bush & the Christians United States government & Tony Blair and the (Christians) United Kingdom. Who have deceived their people into killing people in the name of terror, to try to rule the world? Foolish is their works, to try to take down Lord God exaltedness: {The Koran with Parallel Arabic Text} that the Holy Bible was makes from, they are killing their fathers & mothers, their sons and daughters not to glorify His peace or His mercy, but to try to exalt {The Holy Bible} of damnation. People can you not see that it is {Allah, “Lord God”} who is destroying you: Jerusalem, Afghanistan, Turkey, Philippines, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Hawaii, Spain, Poland, South America, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Austria, Georgia, Japan, China, Canada, Mexico, France, Finland, Germany, Cuba, North & South Korea, Italy, India and others. “Allah” please put Your peace and mercy in the hearts of all people on the earth, “Lord God”

  2. Fear Allah Almighty God the World Greatest Most High Exalted Creator & Ruler of the Universe. Who will destroy all counties & nations that will not worship Him only, showing Superior {Power & Strength} the All-powerful Lord God? Who has no son name Jesus or no wife name Mary. And it is a sin to say so. Will you not take heed? To Allah alone is true worship due. He alone is worthy of exalting to the highest highs of glory, honor and praise. It is “Allah” who warns you all before destruction (to repent) and fear His exalted (Power). Or be destroy by Him with: Fires and Smoke, Winds, Thunderstorms and Flooding, Mud, Snow and Hailstorms, Earthquakes, Tornados & Hurricanes and many others destructions by Lord God. Allah, let misery & misfortune falls on those that will not worship Him only.

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