George.W.Bush a great visionary

It’s very easy, given the situation in the Middle East and our participation in it, to label President Bush a villain. And, to be fair, although I was gung-ho for him when he ran for office, I have become more discontent with his choices regarding our part in the war and with his choice to get us involved at all.

However, part of me always harkens back to that brilliant blue sky on the morning of September 11, 2001, when we watched in horror as militants flew jets full of AMERICANS into buildings where thousands more Americans were working. Have we forgotten that we were attacked on our own soil? Our spineless response to the first attack (in the parking deck below the WTC) had to have led to the terrorists’ convictions that they could, indeed, bring us to our knees if they so desired. Their actions wouldn’t bring punishment down upon the heads of those who planned and carried out the terrorism-we’d already proven that.

Likewise, President Bush inherited this legacy of terrorism 8 months before 9/11. Islamic Terrorists apparently look for changes in government as an opportune time to attack (hence the attacks in London and Scotland when Tony Blair left office this past week). We were ill-prepared; our military had been cut to the bare bones; our office of federal investigations, which did background checks on government employees working in classified areas, had been totally eliminated (thank you, Mr. Clinton) and we were still learning to be led by a new President.

There are those who banter about “Impeach Bush” phrases, but in my opinion if we as Americans were forced every day to watch those jets fly into the WTC and Pentagon, and to witness that narrow hole in the ground in Pennsylvania, we might think differently. If every network was required by law to show that footage one time per day…people would think differently.

The terrorists have recognized something we Americans have forgotten; it’s the old “Divide and Conquer” concept. If they can get us angry at Bush or supportive of Bush, with a vast rift in between, they can effectively destroy our country. And at this point their efforts are working. They see via our television people marching complaining about our being involved in a war in an country where a dictator had ordered the slaughter of tens of thousands of innocent humans. I would hope that, were we being slaughtered at random, SOME nation would care enough to step in and try to help us…to save us. Regardless, we are a nation are divided over what should be done in the Middle East, to save them from themselves and to keep them over THERE rather than here committing acts of terror.

Some day in the future, the world will look back on the legacy of George Bush. I hope they recognize he inherited a severely weakened military AND infrastructure, and that he did the best he could with what he had at the time. As for attacking Iraq yet not getting Bin Laden-President Clinton failed to get Bin Laden on two separate occasions when he was offered to be handed over on a silver platter. Which president failed us more?

A civil war within a country is none of our concern until its fallout lands on our shores. That happened on 9/11. That happened in 3/93. We cannot let them attack us on our soil again. Just as the two prior attacks, the next will be more horrid than any sane mind can fathom. My children deserve to live in peace with no fear of attacks. The children in the Middle East deserve the same. If the residents in the Middle East would take steps to squelch the militants on their own, we certainly wouldn’t have to fork over the big bucks we’re spending to try to deal with them. However, no one wants to go up against terrorists for fear of what might happen in their own countries.


I say Bush’s legacy will be that of a Visionary-a man who saw what was possible if humans agreed to do what was best for each other, yet who was thwarted domestically and abroad by those who believe peace is an easy answer. If you’re dealing with the playground bully, he doesn’t recognize “talking it out”. If you try to talk to him today, he’ll come at you with both fists tomorrow. Talking doesn’t work with these people; they see it as a sign of weakness. We have to show a UNITED front with UNITED strength and stand as a barrier between their lands and our land; disharmony between us only encourages them more.

Bethany Robinson



  1. Absolute rubbish. The man is a terrorist if you go by the U.S official definition of the word. Freedom only applies to nations when it suits American economic interests.

    You appear to be one of the only people who see Bush as anything other than a tool for big business and the profit to made from war. He’s a poster boy for Disaster Capitalism.

  2. Thanks for your comment my friend, The seeds of democracy has been sown in Iraq although I agree there was a huge price to be paid for that but will the tree of democracy bloom and flourish only time can tell, my view is it is only though democracy voice of people can be heard, otherwise in a erstwhile racist America could Barrack Hussein Obama the son of a black Kenyan ever even imagine getting a room in a 3 star hotel????

  3. Thanks for reminding us that even evil men have families.

  4. more than a hundred thousand people are dead because of this murderer, his pack of liars and their schemes to control middle-east resources. I hope he and every member of his family suffer horrible deaths and burn in hell.

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