Islamic Pakistan could face a “rapid and sudden” collapse: Pentagon

A new Pentagon report that tries to predict the type of challenges the U.S. military will face over the next 25 years warns that Islamic Pakistan could face a “rapid and sudden” collapse.


“Some forms of collapse in Islamic Pakistan would carry with it the likelihood of a sustained violent and bloody civil and sectarian war, an even bigger haven for violent Islamic extremists, and the question of what would happen to its nuclear weapons,” the report says. “That ‘perfect storm’ of uncertainty alone might require the engagement of U.S. and coalition forces into a situation of immense complexity and danger.”

The Joint Operating Environment report, meant to examine worldwide security trends, says Pakistan, in the event of such a rapid collapse, would be susceptible to a “violent and bloody civil and sectarian war” made more dangerous by concerns over the country’s nuclear arsenal.


The war on terror will continue for at least another 25 years since the forces propelling radical Islam are not expected to dissipate.

Middle East/Central Asia

The area will remain the centre of world instability.

Long-dormant conflicts over borders, territories, water rights and radical Islam will roil the region from Morocco to Pakistan through Central Asia.

“If the Middle East continues on its troubled Islamic path, it is likely the war on Islamic terrorism will not continue on its current levels but could actually worsen,” the study says.

“Whatever the outcome of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, U.S. forces will find themselves again employed in the region on numerous missions ranging from regular and irregular war, relief and reconstruction, to engagement operations.”








  1. In fact Obama made it clear that Pakistan not Iran should be dealt with first, diplomatically or if necessary with force.

  2. Thanks for your comment Andirea, He was on track with the realty of Islamic terrorism rather than like McCain who was more interested in the Iranians who still are under radar for the nuclear deals, I see it difficult to deal with an Islamic military dominated Pakistan diplomatically as much as arm twisting it to submission on the safety of 15 nuclear arsenals

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