Hamas responsible for Gaza: E.U. aid chief

The European Union aid chief said that Hamas bears an “enormous responsibility” for what happened in the Gaza Strip.

Louis Michel, the European commissioner for development and humanitarian aid, added during his visit Monday to Gaza that “Hamas is a terror movement and needs to be treated as such and held responsible for its actions.”


While in Gaza, Michel announced more than $75 million in aid to vulnerable Palestinian populations through the European Commission’s 2009 Global Plan. Approximately $41.5 million will be earmarked to respond to the dramatic humanitarian situation in Gaza, and about $26 million will be for assistance to the West Bank. The rest will go to Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, according to a statement from the European Commission.

Michel was scheduled to visit Sderot and meet with Israeli and Palestinian officials.

Hamas criticized Michel’s comments, according to reports.



  1. what i get a kick out of is that even though everyone knows this as fact , they still blame us israelis for it all.
    I’ used to work inside gaza and was there when hamas was just a little baby of sorts. (a very violent baby in fact) they would threaten death on one side then hand out aide on the other. sort fo reminded me of the goddess sheba…
    and now they make their money selling posters of the dead fighters like baseball cards….
    Hamas is a cult of death with a band that play the dance of death to all that will listen.
    yet the pin headed still blame us israelis. me thinks it’s because they hate to see a Jew defend themselves.

  2. Sir, it’s incredible to know as a Jew you were in Gaza and experienced Hamas grow first hand. This is not a Hamas -Israel conflict anymore Hamas as we all know has the support of Muslims all over the world, which does not care for one moment to look on which side the wrong is. This is a proxy war by Iran and other forces in Middle East for the ultimate control over Jerusalem, never forget that, it is not about Gaza or Palestine or anything else at all it is about Islamic supremacy and driving Jews out. So Hamas and Hezbollah are just faces of the bigger enemy of civilization itself which is Islam.

  3. I also saw how the UN worked in Gaza and even then we complained to the powers that be that the fishes head was rotten
    I see unicef paying for Hamas summer camps where the kiddies learn to fire and field strip AK-47’s RPG’s and m-16’s.. the kids get trianed now with all sorts of goodies all thnks to the un and it’s funding,
    ever wonder why the UN parties in New york are so lavish while the people at home are starving?

  4. It’s so true that Hamas brain washes Kids with this kind of propaganda and the saddest part is UN under Mr. Moon is a puppet in the hands of these Terrorists and brain washers.

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