Beheading of Piotr Stanczak from Terrorist republic of Pakistan


Islamic republic of Pakistan – A graphic video delivered to The Associated Press on Sunday appeared to show the execution of a Polish engineer by Pakistani Muslim militants who had held him captive for more than four months. Stanczak was surveying oil and gas fields for Geofizyka Krakow, a Polish geophysics institute. Pakistani Taliban militants released a graphic video Sunday showing the beheading of a Polish engineer. The seven-minute execution video appears to show the Polish hostage, Piotr Stanczak, sitting on the floor flanked by two Muslim masked men. Off camera, Islamic terrorist briefly engages him in conversation before three others behead him. A private Polish television station, tvn24, showed an image from the video but not the whole tape “out of respect for the family of the hostage.”

The Islamic terror headquarters of Pakistan has seen a number of kidnappings of foreign nationals in recent months, many of them by Taliban and Al-Qaeda militants, helped by the dangerous Pakistani intelligence agency ISI, have been holed up since the US-led liberation of Afghanistan from Taliban in late 2001.

Stanczak’s death is the first killing of a Western hostage in this terrorist country of Islamic Pakistan since U.S. journalist Daniel Pearl was beheaded in 2002. Chinese technicians working on different projects were targeted many times in this terrorist country.

John Solecki, the American U.N. official, was abducted on Feb. 2 in Quetta in southwestern Pakistan as he traveled to work at the offices of the U.N. refugee agency there. His driver was shot to death.




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  1. And Islam is peace.

    When Muslims behead innocent people, the apologist Muslims say that they are not true Muslims.

    When Mohammed beheaded innocent people, these same apologists support those beheadings.

    They aren’t fooling anyone!

  2. And please visit site

  3. So what about the thousands of innocent people killed by the Americans and British in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan? Does that meanall of the British and American people are :-

    1. intolerant?

    2. islamaphobic?

    3. oppressive?

    4. users of chemical warfare and daisy cutter bombers?

    5. bombers of collateral damage?

    6. is it the face of christianity?

    7. is it the face of a liberal democracy?

    Its funny but you forget some very important facts:-

    1. it was the CIA who made and nurtured these people – at first they were championed as Mujahideen fighting those unoly Russians and now they are terrorists.

    2. I wonder which countries support Israel, a state which has killed over 1300 innocent people, mostly women and children – where are all the egalitarian, peace loving, liberal democracies. All they have done is make comments but nothing to punish the aggressors. Oh yeah I forgot they are Israel, and fund them.

    3. I wonder which countries were involved in invading others for oil?

    4. i wonder who it is that sells arms to these “oppressive” muslims?

    Maybe you need to look at yourself, your people, your country before you point fingers?
    Not many Pakistanis actually like the Taliban. But the indiscriminate bombing by NATO/US/ISAF forces in Afghanistan and NW Pakistan has created more Taliban.

  4. funny – haven’t heard Obama say a word about Solecki yet…but looks like he is backing out of his macho surge in Afghanistan bs

  5. Creeping put it right I guess Mr.Obama is backing out of his word that he gave when he said 30,000 American troops would be assigned to Afghanistan along with more from the NATO countries, is he showing a different of his side now??

  6. Where’s the doubt? There’s a limit to tolerance. Terrorists are incarnations of evil on earth, being bred and fostered on Pakistani soil. They need to be erased forever from the face of this earth. They are a curse to humanity.

  7. Hello Sarhay Islam teaches 10 year old kids to kill “the disbelievers”? And then they call themselves “religion of peace”?

  8. Muslims can never change,because islam is a curse on them.Psychopath terrorist mohamhad,had satanic vision to screw up muslims,in social,education and misery of praising devil mohd and satan allah 5times a day.5times smelly each others dirty stinking muzzie asses.

  9. the point is straight forward. as a violent intolerant totalitarian ideology of hate towards non believers of islam, islam is in a class of its own.

  10. Unfortunately Obama is not going to do what this woman says. Instead of that he speaks of ”new partnership and mutual interests” and walks in the footsteps of Chamberlain.
    When will humanity ever learn that you do not negotiate with evil ? You have to fight and destroy it from the start in order to prevent more bloodshed and a higher cost..

  11. FUCK YOU CHRISTIAN AND JEWS,THE SWORDS OF ISLA M WILL HUNT YOU DOWN, WE WILL KILL EVERY FAGGAT WHO THINKS HE CAN KILL OUR PEOPLE. who said our blood is cheap but their blood is worthy. what you killed in our muslim countries we will slaughter double. GAY POLISH

  12. What the hardliners did the polish engineer is condemnable but the UN should secure the release of 141 Baloch women held in the torture cells of Pakistan’s intelligence agencies, provide information about our 6,000 missing comrades, and resolve the issue of the independence of Balochistan under Geneva Convention from the oppressive Pakistani Army and Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. We have nothing in common with the Punjabis who dominate the political scene. All we ask is independence and international watch on Pakistani Intelligence which terrorizes not just Baluchis but Afghanis and the Indians.

  13. Even as C.I.A. drone aircraft pound Al Qaeda in Pakistan’s tribal region, there is growing concern among American military and intelligence officials about different militants’ havens in Pakistan that they fear could thwart American military efforts in Afghanistan this year.
    American officials are increasingly focusing on the Pakistani city of Quetta, where Taliban leaders are believed to play a significant role in stirring violence in southern Afghanistan.
    The Taliban operations in Quetta are different from operations in the mountainous tribal areas of Pakistan that have until now been the main setting for American unease. But as the United States prepares to pour as many as 30,000 additional troops into Afghanistan, military and intelligence officials say the effort could be futile unless there is a concerted effort to kill or capture Taliban leaders in Quetta and cut the group’s supply lines into Afghanistan.
    From Quetta, Taliban leaders including Mullah Muhammad Omar, a reclusive, one-eyed cleric, guide commanders in southern Afghanistan, raise money from wealthy Persian Gulf donors and deliver guns and fresh fighters to the battlefield, according to Obama administration and military officials.

  14. Muslims just behead a Polish engineer why is the world and Liberals not mad about it?
    All I hear is Guantanamo Bay poor Muslims But Muslims just behead a Polish engineer why is the world and Liberals not mad about it.Where is the outcry now?

  15. obama says hes got muslims in his family, whos been bamboozeled and hoodwinked now? the idiots that voted for him.

  16. Islamic extremists are spreading terror across Pakistan with the distribution of videos showing executions of local people, but the beheading of a westerner, in this case 42-year-old Piotr Stanczak, is now becoming the trend, The taped execution has dark echoes of the beheading in 2002 of Daniel Pearl,. Pearl was an American journalist working for the Wall Street Journal.

  17. His death shocked Poland. This is the first time a Pole had been beheaded by Islamic militants. The kidnappers had originally demanded that 60 Islamist fighters be released, but eventually narrowed the names down to four people.

  18. if Allah wishes, people would see more and more beheadings of nonbelievers in the future.

  19. I will find you and behead you.

  20. The Koran and other authoritative Islamic scriptures do contain incitements against non-Muslims. The eminent historian Paul Johnson, for example, cites two Koranic verses: “Strongest among men in enmity to the Believers will you find the Jews and Pagans” (Sura 5, verse 85) and “Then fight and slay the pagans wherever you find them. And seize them, beleaguer them and lie in wait for them.” (9:5).

  21. Yes, the islamics are so socially innadequate, dependent & insecure, I am convinced its genetic/congenital. It seems nobody has learned the lessons of WW2 or any history. Thats why history repeats itself, mankind repeats the same errors, as a dog returns to its vomit. The real thing that should be done is DEPORT everyone & everything moslem (howls of racism !! ). Islam has a history of nothing but infiltration & bombings and heinous murders, and nothing else, all it has to offer. Problem is Britain & its former millenia enemy, ha ha, is now anti-Christian aswell as anti-Jewish, especially their politically-correct ‘churches’ – who are the worst offenders. Little surprise therefore, that Small, Insignificant Britain, is a haven for the likes of the BBC and other rich Brits, knighted pop stars, and sexual deviants for heroes……. sick and sorry land. Broken Britain. Neville Chamberlain grovelling to Hitler, Anthony Eden grovelling to the arabs, and now the Britain and the BBC grovell to anything to sell their pornographic, lewd newpapers or porn tabloids to its fantasy fed, deluded, politically-correct slums. Glad I emigrated, dont miss UK, and never will.

  22. In the dark ages Christians were torturing infidels in the name of CHrist. Isalm is a religion in the dark ages. American policies over the last 20 years have resulted in this terrorism thorugh exploitation and capitalistic practices.

  23. Al Qaida has established strong base in Pakistan with the help of Talibaan and other Pakistani Jihadists Organisations like Jaish e Mohamad , Lashkar e Toiba , Jama’at ud Da’wa , Hizbul Mujahideen , Harkat ul Jihad , Jamat Islami , Sipahi Saheba Pakistan , Lashkar e Jihad , Tehreek Tahfuz al Tauheed. They are still running Terrorist Training Camps in Waziristan , Pakistan Administrated Kashmir , and other areas of Pakistan . Al Qaida is even running Terror Camps in Farm Houses of Influential Politicians , Army Officers and Local Landlords under supervision of Jihadists with support from Inter Services Intelligence ( ISI ). These Islamic Jihad Union / Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan Terrorists affiliated with Al Qaida were also Trained in Pakistan. Ignoring Pakistan’s connections and support to Global Jihad Movement will only result in Nuclear Holocaust in West. We need to act now and pressurize Musharaf to crack down on Jihadists in Pakistan firmly and decisively. or US led NATO Forces should hunt Al Qaida and Taliban in Waziristan using Pakistani Army as Shield. We should deal with the Jihadists in their style only.

  24. The atrocity in Pakistan highlights a web of terror that spans the world

  25. Where is the beheading video?

  26. Why, dont these people have families? why did they kill such a innocent man, will their god give them salvation for this act if it does then that god is not god it is satan

  27. нда занятно !

  28. mm… really like it ))

  29. assholes!

  30. everyone in europe and the world knows that mohamad of islam went into the wilderness to meet with satan and comit un-natural acts with pigs and dogs. all of his followers do this every year in mecca, the acursed entrance to hell. crusade in the name of JESUS is the only answer to this evil. the mighty Serb and Russian warriors have begun to cleanse the world of muslim filth. take up arms now! go forth in the name of JESUS and kill!

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