John Solecki: 3 days before he is beheaded in the terrorist republic of Pakistan

john-soleckiIslamic terrorists in Pakistan that are holding John Solecki, an American UN official in Pakistan have issued a letter and threatened to kill him if the government did not release more than 1,100 prisoners in four days. Solecki, who headed the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) in the southwestern province of Baluchistan, in the terrorist republic of Pakistan, was snatched at gunpoint on February 2 while traveling to work.


The kidnappers killed his driver. The threat to kill Solecki was declared in a letter sent by the Baluchistan Liberation United Front (BLUF) on Sunday to a local Pakistani news agency. “This is our final deadline,” the BLUF said in the letter. “We will kill Solecki after the expiry of the deadline and the government institutions will be held responsible,” it said. Irfan Saeed, the agency’s local bureau chief said they had received a telephone call on Sunday that a letter had been placed inside the wall of a government school in Quetta for release to the media.




John Solecki released after demands met




John Solecki, the American United Nations worker who was abducted more than two months ago from Quetta, left Pakistan for the United States on Sunday. Solecki on Saturday turned up unharmed alongside a road in Mastung city of Balochistan, with his hands and feet bound and pleading “help me”. He was discovered around 30 miles south of Quetta after his Islamic captors, the Balochistan Liberation United Front (BLUF), called a local news agency to tell them where to look, officials said. Solecki, who headed the UNHCR’s operations in Quetta, made no public comment. The Islamic terror group of , BLUF, had threatened to behead him and issued a grainy video on February 13 of a blindfolded Solecki pleading for help and the final video released was on 4th of March saying he would be beheaded the same way as Piotr Stanczak( the innocent polish engineer who was brutally beheaded by the same group) . The abductors had demanded the release of hundreds of Islamic terrorists in alleged detention of security agencies and have gotten their way.



  1. Our government in Beijing is to be blamed the most for helping Pakistan get their nuclear technology

  2. Why is the world still spoon feeding this poisoness nation which has already handed over more than half of the nation to Al Qaida and Taliban?

  3. I hope he gets freed for the sake of his family.

  4. Are you crazy??

    Look at you title.
    “John Solecki: 3 days before he is beheaded in the terrorist republic of Pakistan”

    He is alive and will be free soon. He is not kidnapped by any So called Islamic terroritst organization. An organization named BULF is struggling for the independence of Baluchistan from Pakistan and they claimed responsibility and they also showed video about John Solecki captivity.

    No Islamic organization involved in this case. You must identify the case and then comments.

  5. Insha marri, thank you for your comment but you make me laugh in your desperation to prove these militants were not Islamic militants. I don’t know if you know or not but let me remind you Baluchistan is under the law of Sharia or Islamic law. –An innocent Polish engineer Piotr Stanczak was beheaded in the same place by these very Islamic terrorists a few weeks ago. All right now look in to the big bigger picture, the land is infested by Islamic terrorists, the law of the land is more barbaric than the law of the jungle, which is Sharia, the religion o the land is Islam which specifically says to behead all infidels, so what if the reason these Muslim terrorists give is freedom struggle of Baluchistan??? Tell me frankly do you think that terrorist country like Pakistan, which legalized Taliban and wrecked havoc on peace in the neighboring India, US , Egypt, Europe would fight the very elements that is the soul of Pakistan, the answer is no, if it were not for the US. Listen the problem of Baluchistan, Pakistan and world today is Islam; there are no two ways about it, my friend

  6. Your comments remindes me that you are totally un familiar the situation and policts of Baluchistan, Pakistan and regional confilicts. Let me introuduce Baluchistan. Baluchistan was a free state before the colonization of British Empire. After kicking out in 1947, British handed over Baluchistan to Pakistan “a new born baby” created on the name of Islam. Although Baluch are Muslim and they love to Islam and they are proud to Muslim but they are peaceful and liberal mind. Islam is not a problem but certainly there is problem in you skull. Just make an arrangement with a doctor so that he could find a thing like “normal brain” in your skull.

  7. My dear friend Insha Marri
    Allow me to educate you a little on Baluchistan. From the 1st century to the 3rd century] CE, the region was ruled by the Pāratarājas (lit. “Pārata Kings”), a dynasty of Indo-Scythian or Indo-Parthian kings. The dynasty of the Pāratas the Pāradas of the Mahabharata (Indian scripts) they are essentially known through their coins, which typically exhibit the bust of the ruler on the observe, with long hair within a headband), and a swastika within a Brahmi legend on the reverse (usually silver coins) or Kharoshthi (usually copper coins). The coins can mainly be found in the Loralai area of modern Pakistan. The violent rule of Islam started in the rule 7th century by the Arab rule in Balochistan the parts of Balochistan. In 1840 British took over Baluchistan, got freedom along with India, Baluchi nationalists support the claim that the ruler of the Khanate of Balochistan, Mir Ahmad Yar Khan, willingly signed the document of accession to Pakistan given to him by Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the first governor-general of Pakistan? Now I ask you why? Because Pakistan the “new born baby” was Islamic and Baluchis were Muslims so they had that common vile in them. The causes of grievances in Balochistan are twofold. On one side there are Islamic tribal leaders, ones of the Taliban category who want no development in the area; on the other side is the Islamic terrorist government, who is reluctant to go against tribal leaders, this proves by the action of the Pakistani government when they enforced the rule of Islamic terror or Taliban in the area. Does either of them care for education of children in the area the women rights, hell no. all they care how deeply can they islamise the area,
    Again you commented Baluchis are Muslims I agree one hundred percent but I contradict the part when you say that Baluchis are peaceful and liberal. How in the hell can that be can a Muslim be peaceful????? Let me tell this again ISLAM IS THE MOST VIOLENT CULT (NOT RELEGION) IN THE WORLD, IT KILLS NON-BELEIVERS AROUND THE WORLD, HOW CAN THAT BE PEACEFUL AND HOW CAN THAT BE LIBERAL??? PLEASE TELL ME It’s like saying an elephants and sharks fly in the sky.

    Now my dear brother or sister( because you are a fellow human being like me) I have nothing against you may be I need to go and see a doc like you advised to see if I really do have some normal brain because I feel talking logic or truth to a stone wall and a Muslim is the same cause neither sees sense.

  8. Why you just stay at 3rd century CE! You can even go further and claim that the area of Baluchistan was ruled by Dinosaurs because there many fossils of Dinosaurs, whale and sharks are recovered in the hilly area of Baluchistan. Why you just stay on 3rd century? I am just laughing on your logic.

    If Maratha ruled over Baluchistan in 3rd CE that what I can do for Maratha. Why are you feel sorry about those who perished in the time scale of history.

    I am a Baluch and I know my history best as compare to you. The Khannet of Kalat was just a fraction of Baluchistan which surrendered at the hands of Pakistan. The remaining massive areas of Baluchistan was under the rule of British Empire and they handed over these area to Pakistan with out the aggreement of Baluchs.

    What are your logics are just media feeding, rubbish and far from the reality. Baluchistan cover the 45% land area of total Pakistan. It is a massive land.

    The tribal leaders of Baluchistan are not Islamic minds but they are liberal and nationalist. They never demand any Sharia Law in their area. It doesnot mean that they hate Sharia Law or Islam. Baluchs tribal leaders are demanding for a self rule over their own territory. This is just another proof that that you are ignorant about the area and polictics.

    The incidents of Polish Engineer didn’t happened in the area of Baluchistan but it did happen in the FATA area ‘naer the border of Afghanistan’, where your so called peace maker are delivering lesson of peace, harmony, equality and justice in the form of bombing the innocents Afghanis. I condome the killing of Polish Engineer but the responsibility of its killing is over to USA, Pakistan, Nato and definately Taliban not Baluchistan. This is a another proof that you are ignorant about the admistration of the area.

    In the last I would say that you must contact a doctor, so that if could find a “normal brain” in your skull. Keep hiding in a room with a PC and delivering religion bashing articles is very easy today. In today world, it is cheap way to get momentum in your writing skill and get fame in real time by critising Islam and Islamic values.

  9. My friend Insha Marri

    “We study the past to understand the present; we understand the present to guide the future.” — William Lund

    History is important because WE ARE the past: we are the sum of all the events–good, bad, and indifferent–that have happened to us. This sum product guides our actions in the present. The only way we can understand who we are and how we got to be that way is by studying the past. Similarly, the only way we can understand others is by studying their past. If we don’t understand what made them who they are–in terms of how they think and act–we will make all sorts of mistakes in our interactions with them. Think of how you treat people differently based on how you know them. And don’t forget “those who ignore history, are doomed to repeat it”

    You my friend contradict yourself again on one hand you say you do not want to honor history or the “dinosaur era” you are referring, but now you say you are not against the an evil that is 1400 years old which is Sharia or the Islamic law. My friend Islamic law or Sharia Law must be abolished in every Islamic country, because it is incompatible with norms of modern society. Any practices that might have been acceptable in the Seventh Century; i.e., stoning, cutting off body parts, marrying and/or having sex with children or animals, must be condemned by every Muslim. What kind of religion advocates burning down schools for girls and killing those who teach girls, and what kind of religion orders women to stay away from markets, or working outside the home, unless they have a male escort from their family, only Islam. Islam orders death for Muslim and possible death for non—Muslim or even Muslim critics of Muhammad and the Quran and even Sharia itself. The nightmare must end. Sharia oppresses the citizens of Islamic countries. Islamic countries have become stigmatized as being misogynist societies which are inherently anti-woman.

    What is happening here is you do not understand it is a Islamic culture of regressive ness of 1400 years, you take one fine day and say Pakistan did this or Pakistan did that doesn’t make much sense ,don’t look in to history just look what Pakistan is doing today, no my friend it does not work like that, listen .In America Blacks were slaves, but with civil war and civil rights moment slowly things started to change today it has a black as a president, everyone is free to practice his or her religion or whatever they believe in, American Indians who whose land were captured long ago are given VIP status in today’s America. Similarly in Europe the Christian crusaders killed many a civilizations but from those horrible mistakes they learned and made amends, today most European nations are democratic and people of all color, religion and women have equal rights. Why take all these developed countries, take the case of your neighboring country India, it gained freedom along with you guys, insipte of a having more than 80% of Hindus living there, they have a Sikh guy (religion) as the prime minister, in the cabinet is filled with Muslims, Christians Buddhists, I am not saying there are no fights there, yes but they are only 60+ years as free secular democracy. At the same time look at the state made in the name of Islam just for Muslims, Pakistan. Pakistani army extra-judicially killed Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, 81, former governor and chief minister of Baluchistan, who was also a leader of a political party and chief of the Bugti tribe. Nawab Bugti had won all elections throughout his life.
    The area were Nawab Bugti lived produces natural gas and Pakistan owes Baluchistan as much as $15 billion in unpaid monies on that account. The killings are continuing nonstop as I write these lines, I know this too my friend. In addition, as many as 5,000 Baluchis are still missing, presumed killed, and even though a so-called elected government took office in Pakistan this year. The tactics used by the terrorist regime of Pakistani army on the Baluchi resistance include rape and sodomy, cutting off of genitals, throwing from helicopters and burning them alive. These can be conclusively proved too. What is happening here is you do not understand it is a Islamic culture of regressive ness of 1400 years, you take one fine day and say Pakistan did this or Pakistan did that doesn’t make much sense, don’t look in to history just look what Pakistan is doing today, no my friend it does not work like that, what are you guys doing you do the same too then you behead an innocent Polish Engineer to get freedom from Pakistan???? Or kidnapping John solecki to be beheaded for getting some of your guys free from Pakistani Jails??? Should I add this is what Islam does to human beings, they act like animals. I have so much to say but so little time my friend, Oh before I leave yes I appreciate the free life god gifted me, I do not want beheaded Islamically by a intolerant Muslim who just follows the cult with out thinking there is a choice, choice of freedom, choice to not follow any religion choice to change the religion, choice to do good to humanity, choice to enjoy freedom. And I want that choice to reach all moderate people in Baluchistan including you my friendr.
    May be I’m just a crazy man who daydreams LOL yeah I will have to visit a doc soon I guess …..

  10. Why are you insisting that you can not be wrong my dear? For the sake of seeking justice, just assume that you may be wrong on your opinion and then analyses the whole of your behavior. The Islam bashing caricatures on your blog are clearly indicating that you are full of hatred and jealousy against Islam and Muslims and a jealous person can not deliver justice in any way. You must first balance the equilibrium of your balance spring and then argue. There are many other possible and positive way from where you can deliver your views in a more positive, democratic and civilized manner. Every visitor of your blog can easily judge your psychy. You are clearly looking like a psychic instead of normal one.

    If Pakistani army killed Baluch people then It is Pakistan which are responsible not Islam. I am a Baluch. I know the difference between an oppressor and it allied partners in the region. America and China are clearly helping Pakistan to hold its grip very tight against Baluch. If I become a psychic like you, I can easily blame that, it is Christianity, Confuciusism or Communism that are shared responsible with Islam of me and my nation sufferings. No my dear, I am not a psychic and will not be in any way.

    For you kind information, Islam encourages Muslims ‘without making a difference of men and women’ that seeking knowledge and education is the obligation of every person. History is bare witness that Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) encourages Muslim to learn foreign languages, knowledge and advised them to go even foreign countries for the seeking knowledge. If Taliban and other militants are doing something wrong or making atrocities against us or foreigners in retaliation of those atrocities which they are receiving by the hands of American and allied forces in Afghanistan then why we put blame on Islam? What are Taliban doing is a rubbish and injustice act but this is also indicating that what are they doing is a desperate attempt to harm the American, Pakistan and its people nothing else. They are backward and illiterate people. They know the name of Islam but they can’t understand Islam completely. Islam is a peaceful and a civilized religion.

    So my dear, by concluding my views, I would like to say that you are certainly in a grip of psychic depression and you need proper medicines and care. Please do not under estimate my views. These are the words of my heart. I love Islam and will love forever. If your heart made by stone instead of a flesh and blood that what I can do for you? Just pray! Yes, I will pray for you and myself for seeking right guidance not in this world but also the next world. May Allah be please with you? Take care. Thanks for reply.

  11. My friend Insha Marri

    First of all than you so much for your well wishes, at least you recognise me as human being although I must be a lesser one according to your holy book Quran.
    Wow you a Muslim talk about balancing the springs and about democracy, god I haven’t laughed so much in a long time. After struggling to prove your point now you now unleashing a “kitchen sink” fusillade against me, by pursuing my so called personal flaws. I find that very amusing. You call me psycho for putting up a caricature (not made by me because I have no such great artistic talents). which part of the caricature do you feel is not true, my friend or did I manufacture any of the news that I put in there? If u think I derive sadistic pleasure everyday looking at Islamic beheadings and news like the ones I post, you are mistaken. My head rolls in disgust on such atrocities a human being can do to another human being in the name so such man made thing called religion. Every religion has black spots but with time they evolve but when they don’t it becomes a value of past. That is when civilizations clash like the one you are witnessing between Islam and people from all other religions. You say Islamic terrorism is done by only the backward and illiterate muslims, doesn’t hold much water because I don’t think the prime accused in the 9/11 bombings were illiterates, in fact they were extremely brilliant that they could con even the mightiest military installation that is the Pentagon. Let me tell you this as long as Muslims harm innocent around the world, Islam will remain by far the most hated religion in the world. If Democracy, freedom of speech, equal rights for men and women, female literacy, children’s rights, respecting people from all religions, not taking innocent lives means anything at all to you, you will know why I am blogging the way I am blogging. And yes you are right on one thing that I am depressed. I am depressed not because I don’t have access to medicine but because I read news such as these

    May be I am not so stone hearted, but you are to call me or any one depressed for reading or posting what is happening in this world. Thanks for your reply too take care

  12. John Solecki is now free and safe with his family in USA but what about your claim that he was beheaded in the terrorist republic of Pakistan. A lie has no leg to stand. I just want to say that you are a completely unfamiliar man of Pakistan, Islam and political situations of the world. You are a liar and this article of your own is bare witness that you are an ill minded and psychic patient. This is a dire need of a doctor to cure you.

  13. My good ol friend Insha Marri
    English, I guess isn’t your strong point, even you admitted that once during our non-stop commenting series. When I say something in future tense how it can be in present tense is something I am wondering or is it a knee-jerk reaction. My heading banner it self was “John Solecki: 3 days before he is beheaded in the terrorist republic of Pakistan” on the situation on 4th of March he was given 3 days before the govt of Pakistan released hundreds of Islamic terrorist in return to Mr. Solecki or he be beheaded the same way as the innocent Polish engineer Piotr Stanczak. Yes as the whole world thought I had no reason to believe they would not do something that heinous, but after intense pressure from the US and UN, Pakistani government met all their demands and in return the Islamic terrorists have released Mr.Solecki (not for a second should anyone forget he was the head of UN relief agency, an US citizen and way more influential than poor Polish engineer Piotr Stanczak).
    And yes as soon I knew he was released I did my little research and has added that too to the present blog. Sure a lie has not leg to stand on so my friend Insha Marri where in my entire blog history have I claimed that he was beheaded? Or is it you are a little delusional for which I am not sure which doctors in your country I can recommend that can treat it. Take care my friend.

  14. I am sorry if I misjudge your syntax meaning as English is not my first, second or even third language. Actually, it is my fourth language bur I am trying my best.

    I once again criticize you about your claim that hundreds fried from the Pakistani jails. If they were so-called Islamic terrorists then why USA, UNO or any other organizations forced Pakistan to meet the demands of Solecki’s captors by freeing some detainees? Actually, that was not the case as you trying to prove here. Even UNO admit that they were not terrorists. Actually they were those elements that are trying to free their loved ones who are being kept behind the bars by the Government of Pakistan by the fellow advice of its western allies. Please difference between a desperate terrorist like Taliban and freedom lover like Baluch. Thanks.

  15. My friend, you are doing a great job conversing in English for someone whose fourth language is English. And as a resident of the place and as a Baluchi I am sure you are 100 times more familiar with the region and politics of the place but do understand I am not as ignorant as you think I am, if I was I would not have posted these

    way before you had posted your first comment. I kind of understand the Baluchi frustration being pushed over to the sidelines by the Punjabis since Pakistan got its freedom.
    In this situation their cause (to free their fellow Baluchi freedom fighters) was noble, that is to try to free their loved ones, I get it till there but after that is where I don’t get it. That is their method. Why in the hell would you want to kill a innocent person who has nothing to do with any of this fight? For example Polish engineer Piotr Stanczak, I mean come on man, the man didn’t do anything harmful towards the Baluchis, if anything he trusted you guys and came there if he was successful in excavating gas or petroleum or what ever, you guys would get more employment, more revenue eventually more prosperity. I mean come on, or kidnapping a UN worker, Mr. Solecki who came to oversee relief and food distribution there?
    In taking a method so similar to the typical Islamic terrorists like Taliban they have created a bad impression on the world for their cause, which would have pressurized Pakistani government to grant Baluchistan more autonomy, if the method Baluchis used were different. If kidnapping and beheading was so important, then kidnap those selfish and self serving politicians in Pakistan responsible for the sad situation in Baluchistan.

  16. Who the hell has informed you that Piotr Stanczak( the innocent polish engineer who was brutally beheaded) by Baluch? Please just check it once again. Why I was insisting that you are unfamiliar with the politics of Pakistan and Baluchistan. May be you rectify your wording in the above articles. The incidents of Polish Engineer didn’t occur in Baluchistan nor he was beheaded by any Baluch? As for as John Solecki;s case, he was not working for Baluch or Baluchistan. He was the chief the UNHCR working for Afghan Refugees who were migrated from Afghanistan since from 1980 to date due to the occupation of Russian and American troops in their land. Mr. John Solecki was not our guest but he was working for Afghanis in our soul without our guarantee. Hundreds and thousands of Baluchs are displaced in every corner of Baluchistan and other provinces of Pakistan but why the hell of your UNHCR, USA, European Union and your so called champion of freedoms do not help us to get at least a loaf of bread for our children. Why I hate the world?

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