Beheading of Mender from the terrorist republic of Pakistan

 A Hindu youth, Mender, was beheaded in the terrorist republic of Pakistan (southern Sindh province) after being kidnapped along with three other members of his family about a month ago. The Muslim kidnappers informed Mender’s family to collect his body from the railway tracks near the Sangi railway station today. Every day Christians, Hindus and other minorities are intimidated, raped or killed in the name of a vile and intolerant religion called Islam. Others are forcefully converted in to Islam; this is applicable especially in the case of young Christian and Hindu girls. Thousands of Hindus and Christians have fled the country since the beginning of 2009. On the official front the statement goes as predicted, the whereabouts of the other kidnapped persons are still not known. It is more than a month and how will the Pakistani government, which legalized Taliban rule in most parts of the country, know? And when non-muslims lives are not valued at all, just some weeks ago innocent Polish engineer Piotr Stanczak and American John Solecki is awaiting the same fate.  



  1. Obama wants to give 7.5 billon to pakistan in 5 years time, way to go Barak ROFL

  2. My be the poor Indian’s life was not as important as the Polish guy’s ths why there was no media coverage on this.

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