Taliban shows Obama the door on negotiations

The Taliban Terrorists  has squarely rejected US President Barack Obama’s call for negotiating with its ‘moderate’ arm to bring the ‘War on terror’ in the region to end. A self styled spokesperson of the outfit, Qari Mohammad Yousuf termed Obama’s tactics of adopting a strategy similar to that of Iraq, as ‘illogical’. “This does not require any response or reaction from us as this is illogical,” The News quoted Yousuf in a media report, as saying. He said that the Taliban were united, and has only one aim, which was to throw out foreign forces from the region. “The Taliban are united, have one leader, one aim, one policy. I do not know why they are talking about moderate Taliban and what it means?” Yousuf added. Earlier, Obama had admitted that Washington was open to dialogues with the moderate elements of the Taliban.



  1. idiot americans,gave millions to the ira in the 80’s+90’s,they spent that money in countries like libya,iran,syria,lebanon.those countries then bankroll al-qaeda,al qaeda then attacks america…what goes around,comes around..

  2. Taliban is at least truthful in saying there is no moderates in their ranks, again proving that negotiations are with this terrorist outfit is not going to work. A compromise means compromising an entire generation of children being pushed in to poverty, starvation and being uneducated.

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