8 million Christians killed Islamic Sudan: A Must watch Video

Omar Bashir, Refugees & Human Rights – Sudan

Fifteen years ago Muslim General  Omar Bashir was prepared to use Sudan’s huge refugee population as pawns in his battles with the West. Clearly today nothing has changed. Near Khartoum, 1.8 million war-displaced Christian Southerners live impoverished lives in the desert. For three years the authorities have bulldozed homes and forced the displaced from the city into the desert. We speak to Sudans Minister of Housing – more appropriately the Minister of Demolition. General Bashir was questioned then over his human rights record. Survivors of secret torture prisons (Ghost Houses) tell how their fingernails were pulled out if refuse to convert to Islam. My question is why is the US and Europe not making this Islamic demon accountable and charitable hearted people of people around the globe should stop giving aid to the poor because the money and food does not go to the people who deserves it goes to the army who tortures the innocent Christians and non-Muslims. Thank you Journey man for this priceless video.





  1. Pre-Trial Chamber I of the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued a warrant for the arrest of Omar Hassan Ahmad Al Bashir, President of Sudan, for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

  2. Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

  3. People need to look at this dark side of Islam to understand what Omar Basir is doing in Sudan. This is the Islam Muhammad practiced. When the founder of a religion has to have powerless women murdered in the night for opposing him, how can that religion be described?

    Where are “human rights” now in Islam? If Muhammad denied freedom of speech to others, how does that reflect upon Islam and what we see occurring in the Islamic world today? That’s a proven by the fact that the more fundamentalist Muslim nations become, the more oppressive they are toward all basic human rights. Sudan is just like Afghanistan, Yemen Saudi Arabia Pakistan or any other Islamic state.

  4. Muslims are told that Africans “annoy the Prophet” (Ishaq 243), have hearts “grosser than a donkey” (Surah 9:61) and that blacks should be left to die if injured, and should be denied intercession and entrance to heaven (Bukhari: Volume 4, Book 52, Number 137). Muslims try and torture non-Muslims into becoming Muslims. Not every Muslim is evil and some i’ve heard have even come to the aid of non-muslims who were being beaten in the streets but unfortunately they are the minority. Muslims continue to commit these types of atrocities against non-Muslims everyday in Islamic countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan Malaysia etc. Men, women and children have been raped & tortured by Muslims because in their countries they get away with it. Saudi Arabia regularly beheads people caught practicing other religions. The genocide has switched from southern Sudan to Dafur with oil revenues being used by the Islamic government to perpetuate genocide.

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