Abuse of Women in Islam: Must watch Documentry

Abuse of Women in Islam 1

Abuse of Women in Islam 2



  1. The Islam has and is continuing to shock and appall people all over the world. The Islamic countries governments all around the world had and are systematically killing millions of people, adults and children, solely because they are non-Muslims. Many others are killed because they are gypsies, homosexuals, physically, women or mentally challenged or because they opposed the tyranny of Islam. The biggest suffers are Children and women who are oppressed to a point where they are no dissimilar from animals whose sole purpose is to rear children and for meat. I wish Muslim women all the best to leave this religion of terror like brave ones like Dr.Wafa Sultan and Nonie Darwish and enlighten children who are the future generation, on the evils of Islam and teach them how to love and respect.

  2. As a Muslim I feel saddened by the plight of women in most Islamic states, what Dr. Wafa Sultan say is to an extent right but as a person who traveled most of middle east I feel this bubbling rage in western countries stems from the fact that Muslim countries do not allow Christian missionaries to convert by brain washing like they do in Africa India and China. What’s your opinion?

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