Remembering The great Theo van Gogh- Killed by Muslims

A short movie by Theo van Gogh which depicts the life that women under Islamic societies go through. Van Gogh was killed over this movie in November 2004, by a muslim.

The True Muslim- Intolarant Killer


The Great Theo Van Gogh-

Photo by Thomas Kisttheovangogh



  1. […] Original post by oxyuranusscutellatus […]

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  5. Hi oxyuranusscutellatus,
    as you rather surely took the photo of Theo van Gogh from this URL

    on Wikimedia-Commons, it would have been nice 1) to credit the photographer (Thomas Kist) and 2) to mention the license (GNU Free Documentation License 1.2) under which this photo was released. Both is actually required by the license, if you didn’t get a direct permission by the photographer.


  6. Sorry that I didn’t mention Mr. Kist in the credits for the photo, but thank you for reminding me.

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  18. What a coward, murdering a defenseless man with a gun and a knife.

    May he rot in hell.

  19. Allah is stupid. its just that simple. fuck Allah fuck Muhammad and his stupid followers.

  20. Crazy muslims.. son ava bitch!! … The only thnig they can show to us is that they’re mad.

  21. 2th November, Theo van gough killed by a muslim. I prefer to say a islamic foundamentalist ,a lunatic fringe fan killed him.

    Please do not forget about assassination of Pier Paolo Passolini whom killed by a christian foundamentalist. He was killed in 1975,2th November .

  22. Supongo que este asesino cumplirà condena en la carcel hasta uqe se pudra.

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