See Public flogging of women in Islam

These Muslim men in this given video shown flogging the women are said to be following rules in the Islamic holy book Koran which they say allows women to be flogged in public. How humiliating, how hurtful it is to the person hurt in front their children, parents, spouses, friends and relatives is something I don’t have to say. Do I have to add the self esteem of such women is below level zero? Public flogging of women is a rule in most Islamic countries in including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan Yemen Malaysia Iran etc.



  1. No thanks!

  2. Most rich scum bags in Pakistan does not care for a poor Pakistani.
    I hate all the politicians in Pakistan, they lie for the seat & power & abuse.
    Altaf, sharifs, Imran, the chaudarys, Zardari,mush.
    They dont care about women or thier rights a bit they dont care about throwing something as draconian as sharia ( the most horrible law a woman like me) on women They all can go to hell & enjoy.

  3. I agree with flogging women.If we had Sherria Law here in Canada and could beat our wives when they disobeyed I would still be married .Instead I live alone and am lonley.

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