8 year old Zamiran forced in to marriage with 50 year old Muslim money lender

Another classic Islamic example of child rape or child marriage has been witnessed on Sunday in Pakistan when a heavily-indebted Mr. Mohammad Siddiq Sheikh gave his eight-year-old daughter, Ms. Zamiran, in marriage to a 50-year-old Muslim moneylender, Mr. Nihal  to clear the debt in the Jungal village in Jacobabad district in Pakistan on Sunday night.

On Sunday night, Mr. Nihal accompanied by his accomplices visited Mr. Muhammad’s house and repeated his demand to which Muhammad said he would not be able to pay.

Nihal asked him to give his minor daughter Zamiran in marriage to him to get the debt cleared, which the father agreed readily. He called the local Islamic priest moulavi Inayatullah Soomro who solemnised his daughter’s nikkah with Nihal. 


Note: Islam which allows child marriage and another point to be noted is the founder of Islam Muhameed at the age of 56 had married 6 year old Ayesha, it also allows polygamy, women beating, stoning of women if they do not comply to the diction of men, all of which comprises the core of the Islamic law or Sharia as stated in Koran or Quran( the holy book of terroists oops.. Muslims)




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  2. search BBC news website for “Saudis ‘to regulate’ child brides” 15 April 2009

    Made me feel ill reading it.

  3. Yes women in Pakistan are poor and helpless.

  4. Muslim women throughout the world are helpless because the delusional and narcissistic Muhammad claimed they were deficient of mind and in all likelihood destined for Hell. Muhammad married the 6 year old Aisha and engaged in non-penetrative sex with her until she was 9 and considered old enough for full consummation. Consequently, Muslim men claim they have the right to follow the example of their ‘Prophet’.

    Islam is a disaster for the whole world and a far greater threat to the well-being of mankind than Fascism, Communism and the Hordes of Genghis Khan ever were.

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