Why does President Obama want to release 9/11 terrorists amidst us

President Barack Obama on Thursday will outline his strategy for closing the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, hoping to defuse a revolt by lawmakers over the fate of an internationally reviled symbol of Bush-era detainee policy.

In a much-anticipated speech, Obama will defend his still-emerging plan to shutter the detention camp at a U.S. naval base in Cuba as he tries to ease concerns that some terrorism suspects held there could be set free in the United States.

Obama will renew the pledge he made in his first days in office to close Guantanamo by January 2010 but will apparently stop short of providing details demanded by friends and foes alike on what will be done with the facility’s remaining 240 prisoners.

At the same time Obama is speaking, former Vice President Dick Cheney, an architect of Bush’s detainee policy and a harsh critic of Obama’s efforts to dismantle it, will be at a Washington think tank giving a speech partly titled “Keeping America Safe.”

Four months into his presidency, Obama suffered a stinging setback on Wednesday when the Senate, controlled by fellow Democrats, blocked the $80 million he had sought for the shutdown until he decides what to do with the facility’s inmates.


 Democratic lawmakers, worried that some of the prisoners could be jailed or even released in the United States, rebelled against Obama after opposition Republicans threatened to brand them as soft on terrorism. Please do answer us why Mr. President you want to release such dangerous Islamic terrorists, who have no love for United States, no love for democracy or our way of life, among us.  You are doing a wonderful job economy wise but when it comes to this decision, as much as you are loved, you are fast becoming very unpopular. After the humiliating our premier spy agency CIA about the water boarding stuff, you had to make a quick back track, why didn’t some one of your intelligence see this coming. Why don’t your have some anti-terror law provisions where these hardcore Islamic terrorists will never see daylight among the common citizens of United States. 

We elected you to make us safe not unsafe, you seem to have a hangover of anti-Bush era; our advice from here is make decisions which are mature.



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  2. Infidel, your points are well stated. Regarding the Gitmo detainees you may wish to read “VP Biden Offers Guantanamo Detainee Solution” at dennyadams.wordpress.com

  3. Bush’s faliure oops or Cheney’s faliure rather
    in chronological order

    1.failure to capture bin laden, or any other de facto leader of al-queda
    2. Iraq, WMDs (or lack off) hundreds of thousands unneccsessary deaths that happen there to this day
    3. Torture – which has been proven not to work
    4. warrantless wiretaping of U.S citizens which is ILLEGAL
    6. Ruining the economy, thanks in part to his crazy mass deregulation over the last 8 years

  4. Obama’s first order was as a commanderin cheif was to bring releif to Islamic terroists but what’s my relif Obama, i’m unemployed for past 6 months where is my relief?? Stop pleasing Muslim countries and try to concentrate on the economy first.

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