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Non-Muslims in the US, Europe, Africa, Israel, India, China, Russia, and the world over, are facing a concerted effort by Islamic Jihadis, the motives and goals of whom are largely ignored by the Western media, to destroy their societies and bring them forcibly into the Islamic world — and to commit violence to that end even while their overall goal remains out of reach. That effort goes under the general rubric of jihad.




 The universal Islamic formula: “MY HOUSE IS MINE; YOUR HOUSE IS MINE TOO!” Of course, nobody will ever say how, where, when and what good things did happen in which Islamic kingdom? They do not have any clues as to what they are talking about and for no good reason they often shove down our throat their erroneous claims; however, they will claim them anyway!


Islamic awareness or rather Islamic beware ness is extremely necessary for the future generations in the civilized world or else Democracy, this precious commodity which we take for granted, for which our forefathers fought so hard will give way to Sharia.

Allow me to give you a brief Islam 101. The first thing you need to know about Islam is the importance of the book of the Koran. The Koran is Allah’s personal word, revealed by an angel to Mohammed, the prophet. This is where the trouble starts. Every word in the Koran is Allah’s word and therefore not open to discussion or interpretation. It is valid for every Muslim and for all times. Therefore, there is no such a thing as moderate Islam. Sure, there are a lot of moderate Muslims. But a moderate Islam is non-existent.


The following photos displayed here may be disgusting and repugnant, but you should see what our enemies have done to our fellow citizens and peaceloving innocent people of the world. If the actions of these Muslims are too horrible to even look at, what does it say about what our policies should be towards them?


Beheadings of Non-Muslims is a must in Islam


49 year old American hostage Paul Johnson


 In Iran


Piotr Stanczak, Polish Engineer, Beheaded In Pakistan


 Nicholas Evan Berg 24 year old American businessman




American Daniel Pearl, beheaded the city of Karachi, Pakistan. Seen here with wife Mariane



Just before geing beheaded



The Koran calls for hatred, violence, submission, murder, and terrorism. The Koran calls for Muslims to kill non-Muslims, to terrorize non-Muslims and to fulfill their duty to wage war: violent jihad. Jihad is a duty for every Muslim; Islam is to rule the world – by the sword. The Quran is clearly anti-Semitic, describing Christian Hindus Jews and all non-muslims as monkeys and pigs.



Dear friends, liberty is the most precious of gifts. My generation never had to fight for this freedom, it was offered to us on a silver platter, by people who fought for it with their lives. All throughout Europe, American cemeteries remind us of the young boys who never made it home, and whose memory we cherish. My generation does not own this freedom; we are merely its custodians. We can only hand over this hard won liberty to US’s & Europe’s children in the same state in which it was offered to us. We cannot strike a deal with mullahs and imams. Future generations would never forgive us. We cannot squander our liberties. We simply do not have the right to do so.
This is not the first time our civilization is under threat. We have seen dangers before. We have been betrayed by our elites before. They have sided with our enemies before. And yet, then, freedom prevailed.

  “Never give in, never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”


Effects of Islam



Nicholas Evan Berg, 24 year old American Businessman



  1. Awesome blog dude

  2. It’s a great read because it shows how Islamic awareness can be propagated in an effective and pervasive yet almost fun manner. It’s a very serious topic but by making immigration ubiquitous, it also serves a very important safety function. As much as we try to suppress these responses. Very informative.

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  10. Muslims have descended into a vortex of self-pity and violence.

  11. We all know these Islamic beheadings of non-muslims would never end unless we take very strong actions now.

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  18. The problem with present day Islam is not enough new generation moderates are not coming to voice against the radicals

  19. “Islam is totally harmless”…
    So are guns. Completely harmless until you pick one up and put bullets in it. Then all you need do is cock the weapon, then pull the trigger. Islam is a loaded gun. The Quran and Sunna are a manifesto for the conquest of the planet by and for Islam. That you fail to correlate Islamic Terrorism with Islamism is a tribute to either your willful beligerant ignorance of Islamic political doctrine, or your effort to obfuscate it with generalizations about Muslims.

  20. Islam is a way of life deal with it or die.

  21. Lord Siva is the Supreme Reality
    The one without a second—Ekameva Advitiyam.

    Siva alone exists in Himself.
    He is the Impersonal Absolute Brahman.

    He cannot be seen by the eyes but He can be realised within the heart through devotion and meditation,Lord Shiva is the God of all and is worshipped by All,

  22. ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः । तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं । भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि । धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात् ॥

    Above is the universe’s most powerful mantra, recited every day 3 times in to the wind makes the world a much peaceful place, not to say it brings you inner peace. It is Gayatri mantra and above is the Sanskrit (ancient Indian language) version.
    If the readers have some spare time, find some peace here from all this bloodshed and violence of this world. Personally I liked this version….

    Thank you

  23. Islam is a totalitarian retarded ideology not even a religion and the dangerous part in this that Muslims will never ever integrate into our civil societies or obey the law in our free states,it’s in their Koran,they HAVE to follow ONLY what so called ” al chariaa” unless they r infidel just like they consider the Christians , Hindus , Buddists and the Jews as described in the Koran it self as “Infidel dogs and Pigs” who deserve Death Penalty.now can any muslim deny this ?

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  29. The women should rise and seize power in the Muslim world! This would be the only solution to bring them out of the dark ages the Islamic or Muslim world finds itself in.

  30. Muslims destroy their own reputation by the horror of their countries, by the way they treat women who are raped: they are put to death, stoned, hung, have acid thrown in their faces. If you don’t want to be known for this, then STOP IT!

    Better yet, grow a brain & leave this gutter religion, it is like worshipping the Mafia.

  31. As the mother of 3, I feel Muslim children have developed strategies to learn to cope with life, including pushing their feelings into the cellar of their soul. They have much of the vile Islamic volcano about them, which explains their violent inbuilt behavior is the only main outlet for their pent-up feelings. Essentially if you think about it Muslim children are actually born to rape, for which I feel the parents are to be blamed more than the children.

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  33. Eye opener, thumbs up mate

    – Bhagvat Gita (Chapter IV – 7)

    Srimad Bhagavad Gita is universally renowned as the jewel of india’s spiritual wisdom. It is is also known as Gitopanisad & is the essence of vedic knowledge & one of the most important upanisad in vedic literature.

    Spoken by Lord Krishna, the supreme personality of godhead to his intimate disciple Arjuna, the gita’s 700 concise verses provide a definitive guide to the science of self realization. The purpose of Bhagavad Gita is to deliver mankind from the nescience of material existence. No other philosophical or religious work reveals, in such a lucid & profound way, the nature of consciousness, the self, the universe & the supreme.

  35. Whatever lies u may tell, dont create misconceptions about Koran and Islam…I bet none of u knows anything about it, u r just ignorant and brainwashed…

  36. and I am also ashamed how some so-called Muslims have replied here with aggresiveness, instead of clearing misconceptions which have been delibratly created in people of other faiths…

  37. Great blog my friend, my question to fellow Muslims who claim Islam is the world’s “fastest growing religion, then why must it resort to intimidation and force members of other religions to forcefully accept Islam? The truth is Islam is dying and Muslims are afraid of that every day with more and more exposure to western way of living, more and more young muslims are turning to become atheists, I’m one of them, me nor none of my friends believe in all this dangerous bullshit Islam preaches. We do not believe in killing innocents in the name of Jihad will get us 72 virgins, how more bullshit can that be? In our mosques our Imam( priest ) tell us to produce as many kids as possible so that the Muslim population will grow, does he for a second think how I am going to support all these children? How am going to give them proper education? Apparently none of this matters to Imams. I was threatened personally by many Muslims with death if I choose to leave Islam, and see now I feel like a prisoner who had to follow a set of rules set by the jailer only here I didn’t commit any crime.

  38. Saudi Arabia is where people should be looking at ,every now and then a cop might beat or kill someone , but not for using a cell phone. In Saudi girls get killed for showing their hair, having make up, not bowing correctly, or hell, for even looking a man in they eye.

  39. We as humans have failed to practice real religion of humanity in the pursuit of building these senseless worldly religions, People unfortunately relate to doing goodness only for getting the blessings of their respective gods, even killing for the sake of their gods. Animals are way better than us. Just understand we are just guests on this earth, our life just small gifts value the small things, spread love to one and all. If you think in these lines it really would rock your mind and makes you think of how temporary this life is.

  40. Islam is a cult created by a psychopath. It cannot be reformed. It must be eradicated. Islam must be eradicated not because the Quran says Earth is flat or the shooting stars are missiles that Allah fires at the Jinns who climb the heaven to eavesdrop on the conversation of the exalted assembly. These stupid tales could even amuse us. Islam must go because it teaches hate, it orders killing of non-Muslims, it denigrates women and it violates the human rights

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    All these are documented and agreed on even by muslims themselves, yet they call it a religion and think that it will bring peace to them.

    “Islam religion is highest, peacefullest” Could you be any more ignorant? Have you ever actually read the Quran? Obviously not. It is the most barbaric piece of literature ever produced by man, absolutely horrific! Try reading it, or should I supply some examples?

    Surah 2:12, Kill disbelievers wherever you find them…
    Surah 4:6, reward on those who fight in religious wars…
    Surah 5:3, hands and feet on alternate sides cut off…

    Care for some more u ignorant non-muslims who buy this load of bullshit and those muslims who pretend not to know it in the name of ignorance? I have 100’s! 😉

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  46. Moroccan sheikh Mohammed Maghraoui has caused indignation among rights groups and citizens who denounce his recent fatwa authorising the marriage of nine-year-old girls.

    We know enough about islam to make an informed choice.
    Just take a look at islamic countries, muslims all want to leave the wretchedness of the shitholes their countries have become due to islamic laws.

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  48. So what we marry 4 woman who gives a damn. Atleast we don’t rape them like christians. Why don’t you just get the hell out of the middle east if you don’t like it. So shut the fuck up and look at what christians are doing in the middle east. Goddam Bitch!

  49. perhaps u havnt read the quran properly… Gu thru it 1ce again with all ur eyes and ears open.

    May Allah guide u with hidayah

  50. mr.sunny has quoted verses from the quran out of context. Imagine if i were to say Jesus said ‘Love Thy Neighbour’, he meant ‘Sleep with ur neighbour’… ??? It would be wrong on my part.

    The verse where Allah says ‘Kill disbelievers wherever you find them…’ is in the context of a battle between Muslims and the Meccan army. Any army general to boost up the morale of his soldiers will say kill the enemy in the battle field. The following verse says, if they want peace, dont just leave them, take them to a place of security.

    Stop quoting Quran out of context. Its better for YOU. Islam will live on, no matter what u du.

  51. I think current islam followers has misinterruperted the koran and is now making their own crap up: this leads to violence. Come to Jesus and live a correct life to end this

  52. Thank you but NO, NO,NO to Sharia – Muslims must integrate and assimilate if the want the right to live in Europe. I am originally from Iraq and God help us if we have the kind of freedoms there or even worse in Iran. Muslims lie to westerners as an act of propagating the faith. It’s uncanny when you know what to look for.

  53. we must exterminate satanic islam before they breed further they are cockroaches. As americans we should have rallied after 911 to rid the country of pisslam. There is no moderate islam thats why there was no apology from islam.The middle east rejoiced.We are like europe turning into appeasers. Kill all muslims!

  54. Long Live Israel, UK, U.S. Australia and India free of Islamic terrorism

  55. Pakistan is involved in every second terror attack happenes throughout the world.Pakistan has become a hub for all the Islamic fanatics who wants to convert whole world to Islam.Islamic terrorism is not new to the world its atleast 1500 year old.

  56. The policies of western countries are responsible for all the mess going on in the world.Why donot you people think on this???Who supported and trained Bin Laden or Afghans??Today Pakistan is alsoa victim to all these terrorist activities.Better is to ask your govts to review and change thier policies of exploitations.Islam does not talk about terrorism but what if an Israeli tank or American jet bombs the homes of innocents,taking revenge is a Terror????Look at yourself first.

  57. Lemme correct u,zia its not muslims but Muslim Fundamentalists=Terrorists!
    Some Muslims doesn’t even know that terrorists exist in their religion! LOL!

  58. It’s so funny, every day these Muslim go to mosque and recite Koran holy words which says to “KILL ALL NONMUSLIMS, Its every Muslim duty to kill other religions” They yell in mosque to please Allah for killing other infidels.

    Now when confronted with evidence of truth, this same Muslim comes here saying oh this isn’t a true, you do not know anything about Islam and that Islam is a relegion of peace, ths the biggest lie in this world.

    Are you too ashamed of your religion? Are you too ashamed to accept in public what Koran and Allah say? or is it the secret truth among muslims to lie about Islam to non-Muslims?

  59. I am so shocked that just because of the media campaign ,such comments came which for sure are not rationale.Islam never says to kill non-muslims but this is a fear created in minds by the media.NOone yells in mosques for killing.where did you see this???(Any evidence)except those areas where the problem of terrorism is already going on and unfortunately it is in the eastern part of the world.More than non-muslims,these terrorists who claim to be muslims are killing the Muslims.Clearly said in Islamic beliefs “IF you killed one,you killed humanity”,someone killing an innocent will face the heaviest penalty in the world hereafter.
    Never I had been ashamed of about my religion.Every Muslim in the world adores Prophet JESUS ,Prophet David (peace be upon them) as we stand no more in Muslim Community if we disgrace the Apostles sent to other nations before Islam.Any Muslim can never ever disgrace the divine religion.And if does so is liable to be killed.
    What other religions are doing about it?????? It is a great question mark.

  60. Murder in any religion is wrong.
    These people, and you, WILL go to hell

  61. Islam is not like brutal, animal insting or another fuck that you all say….
    But islam is a smoth and make a peace for all people….
    if there is a murder behind islam, Thats not islam (Muslim)…
    They are Devil ( Syaitan, Iblis, etc)

  62. Islam– the religion of peace will kill you if you leave the religion of peace. period.

    Mohammed– pedo prophet married 6 year old child at the age of 57
    Mohammed– the warrior prophet who looted,raped and converted with the sword
    Mohammed– the INCEST– married his adapted son wife and thus gave the ruling not to adapt any children under islam
    Mohammed— the fonicator who forced himself to Mariam ( the jewish sex slave girl)

    please go to http://www.faithfreedom. org and http://www.religionofpeace.com and see the horror of ISLAM the religion of peace.




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  67. All religions are a bunch of shit, they do nothing but cause problems in the world and we’d all be better off without them.
    And all you lot who hate the UK so much? GET THE FUCK OUT AND LEAVE US ALONE, you are not gracing us with your presence and if you dont like our culture piss off back to your own and take your koran with you!!!!!

  68. http://www.jihadwatch.org/2008/04/indonesia-muslim-mob-chanting-kill-kill-torches-mosque-of-heretical-islamic-sect.html

    who is preaching hate but the mosques and Imans???

  69. Hitler would never of allowed this.

  70. Jesus was not killed by Jews. Jesus Christ was killed by all of us. He died WILLINGLY for us. He died to take our punishment for our sins. He died to GIVE us eternal life. Allah promises no one eternal life. You may get it, you may not but Allah isn’t saying. Even Mohammed was insecure (Hadith 5.266)Allah would never die for anyone, but Jesus Christ died for us. He loved us before we loved Him. Allah hates sinners (Surah 2:190) but Jesus loves and forgives sinners (Romans 5:8)Allah never loves anyone first. Jesus Christ says “Come unto Me. all who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

    We can’t be fools and turn a blind eye to the violence of Islam. At the same time as I want to protect myself from them, I hope that they will turn from their hate and find peace in Jesus Christ who died for them too.

  71. fuck allah fuck all assholes who think allah is god fuck bin laden and all his fucked up people there all fucking cowards

  72. why can’t you guys be in peace? isn’t RESPECTING OTHER RELIGION is taught in every religion?

  73. Any people who do these despicable and terrible people to othe rpeople must be all killed. They have absolutely no humanity.

  74. All Muslims belive that to stone a girl who has been raped is right. If you are Muslim you stand by that. You think it is your job to find a match for your daughter. You love to control people. All Muslims are cavemen. To all Muslims I want you to no it is time to chage and if you dont chage I will kill you rape your wife molest your kids and make you suck my did. You are nothing but a smelly ass sand niger. All Muslims fuck you and i hope you all die a painfull death.

  75. DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can’t imagine how better would be this world without all this religion bullshit, those fairy tales bring nothing but trouble

  76. very true

  77. why are you all behaving like children and swearing?
    those pictures in the article are lies!! no true muslim would behead an innocent man and film it, no muslim would kill any innocent man to spread his religion, islam comes form the word “salam” which means peace and islam means you are in peace between yourself and Allah.

    Religion was sent down to all of us so we can follow it step by step and apply it to our lives, what do you think the world would be without the 3 major religions? it certainly wont be a safer place murder and sex will become a hobby, what would you do if your mother or sister were raped and killed by godless murderers, what will you do then go and talk about it on oprah??

    Religion has been ignored seriously, no one is actually following it precisely… even in the muslim world women have taken off their hijab and yet they say hey we’r still muslims!! well if you follow a religion you have to follow everything that comes with it, other wise your not really following it if your not doing what it has asked you too.

    muslim women are supposed to wear hijab and hide their body parts to make sure that men that see them wont stare at their body parts and think of sex, when a man thinks of sex he will eventually go and have real sex outside the borders of marriage, and the woman herself will get great deals of sins for showing off her body parts and making man think of sin. If he was an un married muslim his punishment would be 80 lashes, we muslims punish ourselves, in a nutshell, hijab is what keeps a muslim woman safe and it is required for all muslim women to wear it so the muslim society becomes a society of safe people!!

    The most brutal case of islam punishment is stoning to death, when a married man or women (married in the name of islam) cheat on their husband or wife, they get the punishment of stoning to death, as brutal as this is, you cannot say they dont deserve it, because by marrying in the name of islam you are agreeing to all punishments and rewards of islam, and by agreeing to the punishments of adultery, and committing adultery on purpose you are well sure that your punishment is stoning to death and thats why you must always keep away from it, and thats also why our muslim women hide their beauty, to keep our mens minds clean.

    but in the godless world today… what do we see?? muslim women have abandoned their religion and are creating a more of a “modern islam” that fits with the world today and im sure the same is happening to all three religions out there.
    So what you see here is fake islam all the terrorism and crimes against humanity, theyr all fake!! They made their own version of islam!! they are not following the True Quran!!

    Dont judge MY religion just by seeing gory pictures and a title that says islam

  78. you “peace loving muslims” need to get off your high horse and fight your own goddamn war against extremism. you muslims that say “we have every right to attack you becuase you’re on our soil”, well we wouldn’t be there if you pussy peace loving muslims would get off your goddamn asses and fight your own damn war against sectarian militias, taliban, alqaeda etc. we attacked the extremists becuase they attacked us first. you brought all this on yourselves becuase you didn’t take action to stop the extremists from performing these heinous acts in the first place. And if you refuse to stop them, then you’re just as bad as they are and you deserve to die like the rest of them at the hands of our military.

  79. Some of the non-muslims sound just as violent or even more violent than the Muslims they are angry at. I don’t agree that what they are doing is even remotely humane, but aren’t you ‘talking the same talk’ as they are?

    Shake your heads folks. The hate seems to be spreading, and that makes you no better than them.

    I’d like to have the 12 minutes of my life back that I just spent reading some of these comments.

  80. islams smell like shit, have dirty shit-colored skin, have gorilla body hair infested with flees and bacteria, they’re country is a shit whole, they’re scrawny pussys, they’re children get made fun of, they’re scummy in every way, nobody likes them…..no wonder they’ve become hostile……..the world would be a better place without you disgusting pussy-ass terrorizing curry-goat eating scums……oh and go ahead gimmi a comment back please….

  81. …and I wish our country would just get our men out of that stinky joke of a country so that they could all just kill eachother already….sand nigger bin laden what r u hiding for? scared we’re gonna hang you by ur dick and slice you to pieces, then maybe feed you to your starving people?

  82. destroy islam, kill their peope nuke them..

  83. death to all anti islamist.islam teaches love n peace not violence.

  84. Fuck Islam because it is not a religion but a scum to undermine world peace. It is the biggest & most successful form of devil worship ever on the face of the earth. All it’s follower are blinded & we’re sorry for that. That fuck brain prophet muhammad was a retarded psycho & we can’t really blame him for his mental status. I love you muslims but your religion is ridiculous!

  85. Islam is not a the terrorist religion, and DOES NOT allows the killing of innocent people no matter they are non muslims……. all those who kill innocent are doing crime and are terrorist BUT dat doesnt means that ISLAM tells them to do so.


  86. I hope all you islam fucks go decapitate your selves

  87. this was very informative. But its sad people dont vaule life.

  88. […] anti-Semitic, describing Christian Hindus Jews and all non-muslims as monkeys and pigs." about: Infidel?s blog Oxyuranusscutellatus’s Blog Good luck finding Jews beheading people and blowing themselves up in the name of their God. […]

  89. Despite their religion I hate murderers.

    But there are peaceful Muslims too, huh; don’t generalize. It’s like saying all Christians are evil because Americans were racists until late 60s, or all Europeans are terrorists because of ETA, IRA,…

  90. Deuteronomy (17:2-7)
    “Kill everyone who has religious beliefs that are different from your own”

    Deuteronomy (17:12-13)
    “Anyone who will not listen to a priest or a judge must be executed”

    BiBLE open Messages to rape women

    Deuteronomy (21:10-14 NAB)
    “When you go out to war against your enemies and the LORD, your God, delivers them into your hand, so that you take captives, if you see a comely woman among the captives and become so enamored of her that you wish to have her as wife, you may take her home to your house.”

    Judges (21:10-24 NLT)
    “This is what you are to do. Completely destroy all the males and every woman who is not a virgin.”

    (2 Samuel 12:11-14 NAB)
    “Lord: ‘I will bring evil upon you out of your own house. I will take your wives [plural] while you live to see it, and will give them to your neighbor. He shall lie with your wives in broad daylight.”

    BiBLE Messages to enslave people

    (Ephesians 6:5 NLT)
    “Slaves, obey your earthly masters with deep respect and fear. Serve them sincerely as you would serve Christ.”

    (Exodus 21:20-21 NAB)
    “When a man strikes his male or female slave with a rod so hard that the slave dies under his hand, he shall be punished. If, however, the slave survives for a day or two, he is not to be punished, since the slave is his own property.”

    BiBLE Messages to burn alive and stone people to death

    (Exodus 19:13)
    “No hand may touch the person or animal that crosses the boundary; instead, stone them or shoot them with arrows. They must be put to death.’ However, when the ram’s horn sounds a long blast, then the people may go up on the mountain”

    (Joshua 7:15 NLT)
    “The man who is selected, along with everything he has, must be burned because he has [stolen] what the LORD has claimed. He has ignored the LORD’s requirements and done a godless thing in Israel.”

  91. the devil has come in thrugh islam and islam is satanic and wicked islam is not a religion it is a tradition of how to murder people and torture , islamists are real cowerds and they should be punished .

  92. I wish i could film me wiping my ass with the pages of the koran, then send them out to the al-queda. You terrorists should have your skin stripped from your flesh, put between bread and osama bin-laden should eat it, then you are all burnt alive. I dont care if thats as bad as they are, they deserve to die.

  93. Being a muslim myself …….. these people taking lives will be punished during their lives or after they die ….. these massacres if they call themselves muslims..they are no where near to Islam …. they arnt muslims even if they believe they are. Also everyone should keep their minds open .. they could be non muslims dressed up and pretending to be muslims to pmake others hate Islam.

  94. all non-believers are blind,,,,,,,ALLAH SAYS IN HOLLY BOOK OF QURAN ” They look and do not see, listen and do not hear?”
    so u all non-believers,who tried to violate Islam are to be damned in HELL for Ever………so Admitt or not….But ISLAM was Truth,Islam is truth,Islam will be the truth,till the Judgement day….All u r Dumbs…….many of u disguise like Muslims and attack Muslims…..and i tell u one thing About Jihad ,,Jihad doesnt means to kill innocents. Jihad means to die for the cause of Islam…….and remember if somebody try to abuse to dearest loved ones,,,what u pplz gona do??? will u hear ur loved one to b abused or sitting to see and fucking ur self???

    We respect other religions….atleast we wont try to abuse other religions….besides if u pplz try to say a word on our Beloved Prophet(Sallah 0 alaiha wasalum) than get ready to b dead and damned on hell for ever…….we can tolrate every thing,,,but cant tolerate a word against Himt(Sallah 0 alaiha wasalum)……we will hit u so hard that u pplz forget to mess with us……..stay away from us….

  95. All what you count is less than one / one million killed by
    American army in Iraq, Somalia ,Korea , Vietnam , Japan, Afghanistan and the Indians whom they are the true owner of the land of all America. Be sham , the history have the truth .
    Thank for your patient

  96. Listen to you animals you are all as bad as each other

  97. First time here, will come back. I am subscribing by email and hope to get news of more posts.
    Bob A.


  99. what a pathetic bunch of people, full of hate lacking any logic.
    we will fight back and prevail not as a democracy but as human beings.
    your on par with nazis fuck u allah!

  100. Hello,

    Thanks for sharing this link – but unfortunately it seems to be not working? Does anybody here at oxyuranusscutellatus.wordpress.com have a mirror or another source?


  101. Great blog my friend, my question to fellow Muslims who claim Islam is the world’s “fastest growing religion, then why must it resort to intimidation and force members of other religions to forcefully accept Islam? The truth is Islam is dying and Muslims are afraid of that every day with more and more exposure to western way of living, more and more young muslims are turning to become atheists, I’m one of them, me nor none of my friends believe in all this dangerous bullshit Islam preaches. We do not believe in killing innocents in the name of Jihad will get us 72 virgins, how more bullshit can that be? In our mosques our Imam( priest ) tell us to produce as many kids as possible so that the Muslim population will grow, does he for a second think how I am going to support all these children? How am going to give them proper education? Apparently none of this matters to Imams. I was threatened personally by many Muslims with death if I choose to leave Islam, and see now I feel like a prisoner who had to follow a set of rules set by the jailer only here I didn’t commit any crime.

  102. crist was with me yesterday and he snifed my ass and then sayed

    you shall role the world and then destroy islam then become the king of israiel

    after that I fucked him from the ass

    waw aht a betefulll fuck, man i enjoied it

    then the virgion came to me then she sucked her son dick and he cum on her face

    the cam and sucked my dick

    and it was beutifull

    fuck you all
    may god bless the terrorests
    may god let me fuck him

    either he is elahum or allah or fucking christ or even you fuckers

  103. I am editing a website for a psychiatrist who found an image on your blog of a decapitated woman on a lab bed with her head beside her (looks like it is in a garbage bag) that he would like to use on his site. Do you know the source of the photo where we could get permission to reproduce it? I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks.

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