Freedom of Speech in Islam

The term ‘Human Rights’ is used by many, also by Muslims. But it doesn’t necessarily imply that the users of the term mean the same thing. This is important to note as we discuss freedom of speech and religion. There are two major global entities with their respective declarations on human rights: The United Nations (UN) and the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC).

United Nations was founded after the 2nd World War. The UN declaration on human rights is based on Judeo-Christian ethics and was established in 1948. OIC was founded in 1969, has 57 member states and represents every fifth person on the globe. OIC has developed and adopted its own declaration on human rights, partly in opposition the UN version, stating that Islamic human rights are different. These Muslim countries have signed up to the UN declaration but pay little attention to it in practice, and adhere rather to the Islamic version, called the Cairo Declaration.

The Cairo Declaration states that all 57 Muslim countries should abide by the declaration. But it further clarifies that the declaration applies to the “ummah”, i.e. all Muslims all over the world, even in non-Muslim countries. This is noteworthy and remarkable. It is the norm of international treaties and conventions that nations sign up and commit themselves to abide by them. But the Cairo Declaration indirectly nullifies national borders and laws by asserting that the sharia based interpretation of human rights applies to all Muslims regardless of citizenship and country of residence. That means that Islamic laws (and the Cairo Declaration) supersede national laws, in every case and in every place.

The declaration states again and again – in the preamble, in various articles and in the conclusion – that everything is subject to sharia and should be interpreted in light of the Koran and Islamic law. Thus it may mention freedom and rights, but they are restricted according to the Koran and Islamic law.

Article 10 in the Cairo Declaration deals with religious freedom and asserts that there mustn’t be any compulsion in religion – but of course subject to Sharia. But it is a well known fact that those who leave Islam are at risk and quite a few are punished, even by death. Article 18 in the UN Declaration deals with religious freedom and has three main components: The right to have, express and change your faith. But in countries where Islam has a major influence there are definite limitations regarding expressing your beliefs and changing your religion; the latter especially for Muslims. In general Christians are allowed to convert to Islam, but it is illegal and dangerous for a Muslim to leave Islam.

This is what the Cairo Declaration says about freedom of speech: “Everyone shall have the right to express his opinion freely in such manner as would not be contrary to the principles of the Shariah. Everyone shall have the right to advocate what is right, and propagate what is good, and warn against what is wrong and evil according to the norms of Islamic Shariah.”  Thus freedom of speech is interpreted and limited by sharia.

Many surveys measuring various freedoms shows – again and again – that citizens in Muslim countries suffer oppression. They lack basic human rights and freedoms when it comes to politics, media, religion, gender equality, and so forth. One may speak of human rights, but Islamic versions of the same lead to the opposite, as a result of the supremacy of sharia law in Muslim faith and practice globally. This also includes freedom of speech and religion. Thus we need to be aware of similar or same terms that may be filled with different contents. 



John Solecki: 3 days before he is beheaded in the terrorist republic of Pakistan

john-soleckiIslamic terrorists in Pakistan that are holding John Solecki, an American UN official in Pakistan have issued a letter and threatened to kill him if the government did not release more than 1,100 prisoners in four days. Solecki, who headed the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) in the southwestern province of Baluchistan, in the terrorist republic of Pakistan, was snatched at gunpoint on February 2 while traveling to work.


The kidnappers killed his driver. The threat to kill Solecki was declared in a letter sent by the Baluchistan Liberation United Front (BLUF) on Sunday to a local Pakistani news agency. “This is our final deadline,” the BLUF said in the letter. “We will kill Solecki after the expiry of the deadline and the government institutions will be held responsible,” it said. Irfan Saeed, the agency’s local bureau chief said they had received a telephone call on Sunday that a letter had been placed inside the wall of a government school in Quetta for release to the media.




John Solecki released after demands met




John Solecki, the American United Nations worker who was abducted more than two months ago from Quetta, left Pakistan for the United States on Sunday. Solecki on Saturday turned up unharmed alongside a road in Mastung city of Balochistan, with his hands and feet bound and pleading “help me”. He was discovered around 30 miles south of Quetta after his Islamic captors, the Balochistan Liberation United Front (BLUF), called a local news agency to tell them where to look, officials said. Solecki, who headed the UNHCR’s operations in Quetta, made no public comment. The Islamic terror group of , BLUF, had threatened to behead him and issued a grainy video on February 13 of a blindfolded Solecki pleading for help and the final video released was on 4th of March saying he would be beheaded the same way as Piotr Stanczak( the innocent polish engineer who was brutally beheaded by the same group) . The abductors had demanded the release of hundreds of Islamic terrorists in alleged detention of security agencies and have gotten their way.

Apologetic UN admits Israel didn’t hit no school

( During the Cast Lead operation in Gaza, IDF tank fire near a United Nations school in Gaza was blamed for the deaths of dozens of civilians who had taken refuge in the building. The incident became one of the most highly publicized attacks in the war, and led to heavy international criticism.

Recent reports suggest that the incident was not accurately portrayed by senior U.N. officials. John Ging, the director of the U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in Gaza, spoke to the Toronto Globe and Mail last week and agreed that no shell had actually struck the school building. Ging said he had never claimed that the school itself was hit, and he blamed Israel for confusion over where the strike took place.

Shortly after the alleged attack, Ging harshly criticized Israel for firing near the school, saying he had given the exact coordinates of the compound to the IDF. He charged that the IDF had failed to avoid hitting the building.

While admitting that Israeli fire had not hit the school compound, Ging insisted it made little difference. “Forty-one innocent people were killed in the street… The State of Israel still has to answer for that,” he said.

While many Israel news outlets reported that the strike had taken place near the school, several international media networks reported that the UN school building itself was hit. The U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs may have added to the confusion by releasing a report stating that Israeli fire “directly hit two UNRWA schools.”

Almost all reports said that the victims were primarily civilians who had fled to the school for shelter – a version of events cast into suspicion by the Globe and Mail report.

A teacher who was in the school at the time of the shelling reported that several people within the compound were injured, but that none were killed. Those killed were all outside in the street as the shells were fired, he said. Only three of those killed were students at the school, he added.

The teacher did not give his name, explaining that U.N .officials had told staff not to talk to the media.

The IDF responded to criticism over the attack by explaining that soldiers were simply responding to terrorist fire and did not mean to hit a civilian area.

by Maayana Miskin


Mr. Ban Ki Moon: Puppet of Hamas

The U.N. chief inspected the devastation wrought by Israel‘s onslaught in Gaza leading a moment of silence at the smoldering U.N. headquarters, as the territory’s militant Hamas rulers, triumphant at having survived, held victory rallies amid the ruins., demanded an Israeli investigation into strikes on United Nations facilities. Ban asked the crowd to observe a moment of silence for victims of the offensive, who included nearly 40 Palestinians who had sought refuge at a U.N. school shelled by Israel. That is all he could say Mr. Ban Ki moon who is totally pro Islamic and pro Hamas, who refuse to listen to Israeli side that are bombed by rockets even after the fake promise of cease fire made by Hamas.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, appearing stern and saddened at a ceremony at the burned out U.N. headquarters in Gaza


SHAME ON YOU Mr. Ban Ki Moon


monsieur Ban Ki Moon:Pantin de Hamas


Les U.N. chef inspecter les dévastation forgé près de Israël attaque dans Gaza principal une moment de silence dans les smoldering U.N. siège central , que les territoire militant Hamas souverain , victorieux à ayant survivre , tenu victoire échange parmi les ruines. Secrétaire – Général Ban Ki Moon , paraissant sévère et attrister à une cérémonie dans les brûlait éteint U.N. siège central dans Gaza , réclamer une Israélien investigation en sonner one Nations Unies faciliter. Ban Ki Moon  demandé les s’entasser à observer une moment de silence pour victime de les offensive , qui incluant près de 40 Palestiniens qui eu cherchions refuge à une U.N. école écosser près de Israël. Thanksggiving c’est toutes il pouvait dites Monsieur. Ban Ki Moon  qui c’est total pro Islamic et pro Hamas , qui balks à écouter à Israélien versant thanksggiving êtes bombardier près de roquette égal à la suite les simuler promettre de cessez-le feu m ont près de Hamas.

HONTE ONE VOUS Monsieur. Ban Ki Moon


Domnul Ban Ki Moon:Puppet de Hamas U.N. chief Ban Ki Moon  inspected devastation wrought by Israel’s onslaught înăuntru Gaza leading un moment de silence la smoldering U.N. headquarters as territory’s militant Hamas conducător , triumf la having survived , ţinut victory rallies amid ruins. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon appearing stern şi saddened la un ceremonie la arsură afară U.N. headquarters înăuntru Gaza demanded un Israeli investigation into fibros on Unit Naţiune facilities. Ban Ki Moon asked crowd la spre observe un moment de silence pentru victims de la offensive , cine a cuprinde apropiat Palestinians cine had sought refuge la un U.N. school raft by Israel. Aceasta este tot el a putut say Mr. Ban Ki Moon  cine este el totally pro Insulă şi pro Hamas , cine refuse la spre a asculta la spre Israeli parte that eşti bombed by rachetă seară după fake promise de cease foc made by Hamas. ŞAMPON ON TU Mr. Ban Ki Moon


Mr. Ban Ki-moon: Títere de Hamas

El U.N. jefe examinar el devastación wrought por Israel embestida en Gaza que guía un moment de silencio al smoldering U.N. cuartel general  Ban Ki-moon como el territorio militant Hamas regla , triunfante a teniendo sobrevivir , guardado victoria reunión entre el ruina. Secretaría – General Ban Ki-moon, apariencia popa y entristecer a un ceremonia al quemado afuera U.N. cuartel general en Gaza , exigido un Israelí investigación a golpe en Organización de las Naciones Unidas facilidades. Ban Ki-moon solicitado el muchedumbre observar un moment de silencio por víctima de la ofensivo , quien inclusivo casi Palestinians quien tenían sought refugio a un U.N. escuela cáscara por Israel. Es decir todo él podía decir Mr. Ban Ki-moon quien es totalmente pro Islámico y pro Hamas , quien rehusar escuchar hasta Israelí lado ese are bombardeo por cohetes pareja depués de el farsante prometer de cesar las hostilidades made por Hamas. VERGºENZA A su cuenta Mr. Ban Ki-moon

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon pro Islamic????

Three recent incidents that made me think so are


Ban Ki-moon demands Israel be held ‘accountable’ for attack on UN


“It is an outrageous and totally unacceptable attack on the United Nations,” Mr. Ban said, the warehouse still smoldering behind him a visibly angry Mr. Ban said

“There must be a full investigation, a full explanation to make sure it never happens again. There should be accountability through a proper judiciary system.

“I have protested many times. I am today protesting again in the strongest terms. I have asked [for a] full investigation and [to] make those responsible people accountable.”

Comment added by the editor:

      Mr. Moon doesn’t want to know that Hamas militants were using UN building as a cover to kill and maim Israeli soldiers.   He is turning a blind eye towards who (Hamas) started this war and who (Hamas) is the openly calling for the death and destruction of Israel as a nation. Or is he just turning a blind eye towards Islamic Hamas for all the support he gets from Islamic nations.



UN chief Ban Ki-moon visits Middle East as rockets from Lebanon hit IsraelFour rockets were fired on northern Israel last Thursday. Lebanon‘s Hezbollah guerrilla group denied responsibility and speculation focused on small Palestinian groups in Lebanon.

Israeli officials have expressed concern that militants in Lebanon could try to open a second front in the Gaza campaign in solidarity with Hamas.

Police said the latest rockets hit near the near the northern town of Kiryat Shemona.

The attacks come as UN secretary general Ban ki-moon traveled to the Middle East on a tour aimed at pressuring Israel into a lasting ceasefire.


Comment by the editor:

Again Mr. Moon has turned a blind eye on criticizing Islamic Lebanon for terrorizing innocent on Israeli side and perhaps still would remain silent if innocent Israeli civilian lives are taken; perhaps what he is thinking is “Oh!! They aren’t Muslims or are they influential so I don’t care.”


Wilders’ “Fitna” Is Condemned By UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon


UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has too brought forth condemnation towards Fitna.
“I condemn, in the strongest terms, the airing of Geert Wilders’ offensively anti-Islamic film,” he said in a statement. He also attacked Wilders’ argument of free expression. Ban gave the implication that Wilders should have exercised social responsibility.


Comment by the editor:

Again here this is a truthful movie about Muslims brought to light by a brave movie maker Mr.Geert Wilders, what Mr. Moon doesn’t know or should be reminded is freedom of speech and expression of truth cannot be suppressed nor is the world Tiananmen square. 

Israel sends humanitarian aid to Gaza.Hamas resposnsible for the present killings

Let there be no mistake. Israel has every right to defend itself. In the fact of the total indifference of the UN to continued rocket fire on Israel, Israel certainly had to do something to stop the rocket fire, defend its citizens, and attempt to force the Hamas to release the abducted soldier Gilad Shalit.
Since the breakdown of the so-called truce, which was never very quiet in the best weeks, the United Nations, the European Union and the United States did nothing other than to bemoan the mythical humanitarian crisis in Gaza and call on Israel to send more supplies. The supplies were sent, both before and after the breakdown of the truce.

Israel has maneuvered itself into a unique legal situation, where it is forced by world opinion and twisted juridical rulings to supply its declared enemy with war material. Building materials were used to construct bunkers. Cash released by Israel was used to pay the salaries of rocket launching crews and to purchase weapons smuggled in through the tunnels beneath the Rafah crossing. No country could remain forever silent and non-reactive in the face of the continued provocation.

The real issue in Gaza has nothing to do with Shalit or with sieges or rocket fire. The stakes are much bigger. The Hamas has been steadily and successfully pursuing a rather single minded program: to establish itself as the Palestinian government and supplant the Fatah, thereby voiding the concessions made by Palestinians in the Oslo process, without reversing any of the Israeli concessions. Once installed in Gaza and the West Bank and recognized as a “legitimate government” and “peace partner,” Hamas will use these territories to establish an official or unofficial Islamic state, and use it to launch terror attacks against Israel, as well as to foment subversion in Jordan and Egypt. These goals are to be reached by continuously “pushing the envelope” – establishing increasingly intolerable conditions as the status quo, accepted and approved by the entire world, in which Israel must acquiesce. In Lebanon, Hezbollah has a similar strategy vis-a-vis what is left of the Lebanese government, and is well on its way to implementing it.

Hamas has already made considerable and quite admirable progress toward its goals:
Legitimacy – Hamas, having seized power illegally, is accepted as the de-facto Gaza government. Numerous voices, including some “peace advocates” inside Israel, call for direct talks with Hamas. Arab governments rush to promote “unity” between Hamas and the Fatah. This unity would be similar to the humiliating farce of the Doha agreements, which forced the Hezbollah on the Lebanese people. The Arabs are disappointed when the Hamas refuses to go along with the charade. The kidnapping of Gilad Shalit, which should have been met with stony silence, is instead the subject of humiliating negotiations in which Israel is fully expected to free over a thousand dangerous terrorists in order to get back one soldier. International diplomats are all eager to further this shameful process.

Violation of all accords as the status quo – The Hamas have systematically torn up every last vestige of the Oslo accords as well as all the understandings related to disengagement. Quantities of arms are imported into Gaza, and 15,000 soldiers, equivalent to a division, are maintained at the expense of the $3 billion funding that the EU and other donors supply to the Palestinian Authority.

Terror as the status quo – The right of the Hamas terrorists militants to rain rockets down on Israeli towns is accepted without question, and greeted with the most perfunctory protests. No international agency or government has done anything to stop them.

Upping the Ante The Hamas condition for renewing the truce is that it must be extended to the West Bank. The implication is clear. If Israel is unable to operate in the West Bank, pro-Hamas forces will quickly overwhelm the Palestinian Authority there, and install themselves as the government.

All the above are guaranteed to generate the righteous indignation of every friend of Israel. The Israeli action is justified and long overdue. But the real question is, “What can it accomplish?” In a brief attack, the Israel Air Force destroyed every “police” station in Gaza, killing about 200 persons, mostly Hamas, and evidently destroyed a lot of rocket launching silos and other installations. The current operation “Operation Cast Lead,” (Oferet Yetzukah – named for the Hanukkah Dreidl song of Bialik) had been planned six months ago, we are told. Meticulous intelligence work was accompanied by appropriate disinformation and it all went off without a hitch. The lessons of the Second Lebanon War, we are assured, were learned meticulously. Perhaps the military lessons were learned, though people forget that the Second Lebanon War opened with a brilliant military achievement – destruction of all the intermediate and long range missiles of the Hezbollah.
After about a month of restraint in the face of mounting Hamas attacks, the Israeli operation drew favorable media comment in Israel. Even Bradley Burston, who seemed to be advocating surrender to Hamas only last week, rallied to the defense of the cause. When the guns talk, the critics are silent.

But what does Israel do in the next act? The IDF plan should also have written in to their plan the predictable condemnations by the UN Secretary General EU, and world leaders, that have already been registered and that will soon lead to UN action as well. As in Lebanon, the media are already churning out fake photographs and fake atrocity stories that will build support for the terror group. As in Lebanon, the IDF is trying to destroy “terrorist infrastructure,” which is worthless in any case. Can it be that the government didn’t learn the main lesson of the Lebanon war, that you cannot beat a terrorist or guerrilla group with an air war? Or is this only the opening act of the drama? Will the UN allow Israel to continue its operations, and what will be the result? Ismail Haniyeh is already broadcasting defiant victory, Nasrallah style, from a Gaza bunker. Clearly, it will take a lot more than today’s action to make the Hamas change its ways, to gain a “victory.”

What would constitute a victory over the Hamas in Gaza? As in Lebanon, the only real victory over the Hamas must be dismantling of the Hamas government and disbanding of the Hamas, or alternatively, the unlikely outcome where Hamas abandons its Islamist principles, abandons violence, abandons Jihad, rewrites the anti-Semitic Hamas charter and commits to live in peace with Israel. Neither of these goals are realistic, because the Iranians and Syrians who control the Hamas are determined to fight Israel to the last Palestinian, no matter what.

Therefore, only eliminating the Hamas may bring real victory. Nothing else will stop them, and anything else would constitute a victory, unless it can be shown that it will eventually lead to the final goal. The best we can hope for from an operation like this is a return to the status quo ante in which an uneasy truce is maintained and Syria and Iran continue to call the shots – literally. The media show about the Gaza siege will go on. The arms buildup will go on, and the Hamas threat to overthrow Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will continue to loom in the background. That is the good alternative. The bad alternative is an outcome like that “achieved” in Lebanon. Hamas is established as the de facto organization in control of the Palestinian government, and builds up its military potential behind the screen of a worthless international force.

But the option of overthrowing Hamas does not really exist and would not solve the problem. Even if Israel were to take over Gaza, it is certain that as long as Syria and Iran continue to have the regimes that they have, they will use the reoccupation of Gaza to turn the place into a worse security liability for Israel than it is now. Remove the Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the Popular Resistance Committees, and they will be replaced by another group. Perhaps it will be called the Itbah al yahoud Beit al Maqdes Jihad brigades or another group. It doesn’t matter what the name will be.

In view of the proximity of a national election and the constant clamor for action, the restraint urged continuously by Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak and adopted by the government was admirable. He knows quite well what the cost of the operation can be, what the risks are, and what the likely outcome is, but he had no choice. A government must defend its people. If the world is totally deaf and blind to the terrorization of the Western Negev, the Israeli government had to do something. The opposition, and the government, especially foreign minister Tzipi Livni blamed the failure to act on Barak, as did much of the media. An enterprising opposition MK wanted to try Barak as a traitor. One man cannot stand against a deluge. If the operation succeeds, which is not likely, everyone will rush to take credit. If it fails, it will no doubt be blamed on Ehud Barak and Chief of staff Gabi Ashkenazi.

Ami Isseroff

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